Our Products


We offer a wide range of ceramic formers. Our formers can be tailor made to suit individual customer’s requirement. Our range of products include:

  • Examination Glove Formers;
  • Surgical Glove Formers
  • Household Glove Formers
  • Industrial Glove Formers.

Although Agile Formers generally develops exclusive models based on the design of our customers, we also have a range of standard models available.

Different textured finishing is also available.

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Whatever technology we have invested in is purely to make our process more efficient.

Our manufacturing process design is a distillation of the combined experience of all the key people. The Process design ensures that adequate controls are established for the critical points where defects can originate.  These controls ensure that defects are prevented from occurring, and where these is not possible it is detected and corrected before being delivered to the customer. The effectiveness of the process can be gauged by the yield. We are currently achieving a final yield of over 90%.


We operate  two kilns: A fully automatic kiln with a capacity for firing 3,600 pieces of formers and a manual kiln with a capacity for firing 800 pieces of formers. The temperature for these two kilns can reach up to 1,3000C.

Therefore our annual capacity is 1,200,000 formers.


Product Characteristics
Total Length +/- 1%
Palm Circumference +/- 1%
Wrist Circumference +/- 1%
Shank Circumference +/- 1%
Finger Length/Circumference +/- 2mm
Socket (Base) Diameter +/- 2mm
Slot Length/Width +/- 2mm
Base Thickness +/- 2mm
Weight +/- 50g


Product Performance Limits
Thermal Shock Resistance 2000C
Water Absorption <0.1%
Chemical Corrosion (15,000 dips) <0.1%