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Agile Formers Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer of ceramic hand formers for the Glove Manufacturing Industry, with one location in RCI Park Sungai Choh, Selangor. Established in 2016 with a paid up capital of RM 1,200,000. Agile Formers aims to offer high-quality Ceramic Hand Formers for the glove manufacturing industry at a price which is competitive.

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Whatever the technology we have invested in is purely to make our process more efficient.

Our manufacturing process design is a distillation of the combined experience of all the key people. The Process design ensures that adequate controls are established for the critical points where defects can originate. These controls ensure that defects are prevented from occurring, and where these is not possible it is detected and corrected before being delivered to the customer. The effectiveness of the process can be gauged by the yield. We are currently achieving a final yield that is at par with the industry.


We operate two kilns: A fully automatic kiln with a capacity for firing 3,600 pieces per day of formers and a manual kiln with a capacity for firing 800 pieces per day of formers. The temperature for these two kilns can reach up to 1,300C.

Our annual capacity is 1,200,000 formers.

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Agile Formers Sdn Bhd

33 & 35, Jalan Kesidang 1,
RCI Park, Sung Choh,
48200 Rawang,Selangor D.E